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Kuya Km Atienza renews contract with Sante Barley : Learn the Benefits of Barley for Athletes

Staying Healthy with Sante

Sante Barley - Benefits of Barley
Sante Barley

Herbal medicine isn’t some newly-discovered thing. We are simply retracing the steps of our ancestors, those who have unlocked the secrets of nature way before us. This is the case with barley, one of the oldest grains in the world, which is now being re-discovered as a powerful  way to promote overall health!

Recently, Sante Barley held a press-conference which signed on Kuya Kim Atienza as their endorser. We all know Kuya Kim as one of the most prominent minds in the country, being an avid learner and a fitness buff. He is the latest in a long line of influential people who promotes barley’s many benefits.
Sante Barley - Benefits of Barley
Kuya Kim Talking about Benefits of Barley

Kuya Kim has had his fair share of ill health before, but he has made a wonderful recovery largely thanks to his intake of barley supplements. Today, he is still using barley to enhance his physical state, especially when he trains for Iron Man competitions. Because of his own experience, he is now a vocal advocate of preventive medicine, especially natural medicine.

Now, there are lots of barley supplements in the market. Some of them are even set at a too-good-to-be-true price! Sante Barley shows us that not all barley supplements are made equal and that barley’s outstanding benefits can only come from an outstanding product.

First, why barley?

Sante Barley - Benefits of Barley

Barley has a myriad of benefits, focused on improving one’s overall wellbeing. Whether you’re making a lifestyle shift or focusing on strengthening yourself for competitive purposes, you’re sure to benefit from the following:

Massive fiber boost. 

Fiber is an essential part of our diet, helping clear out toxins while also promoting the growth of good bacteria in the gut. However, today’s diet choices leave most people sorely lacking in fiber. Barley helps provide a huge fiber boost, keeping the digestive system happy and healthy.

 Lowers sugar and cholesterol. 
Sante Barley - Benefits of Barley
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Diabetes and high cholesterol are just two of the most common lifestyle ailments today. Studies have associated barley with a reduction in LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in the blood. Barley is also influential in the growth of a bacteria called prevotell which helps lower blood sugar for the better part of a day!

Helps with weight loss. 

We’ve seen all sorts of diet drinks, but not one of them works in the same way barley does to promote weight loss. Barley helps release a specific hormone that dampens the appetite, and helps you feel full for a longer amount of time. This also results in a boosted metabolism, further helping weight loss.

 Why Sante Barley?

Not your typical herbal product, Sante Barley uses only 100% organically grown barley from the fertile plains of New Zealand. These are sourced from sustainable farms, certified by New Zealand’s BioGro, the top organic-certification body. The barley is harvested young, with its wealth of nutrients still in its prime.

The all-natural manufacturing process does not use any additives or artificial colors, ensuring you get only the best in every dose. This also makes sure you get barley’s full benefits, without any reduction in effectiveness or adverse effects!

Sante has become one of the top distributors of barley supplements in the country, thanks to their focus on quality. Now, it offers a wide variety of products, from capsules to mixes. They also have other all-natural products. Check out their range and you’ll likely find the Sante product is for you!

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