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Red Coat Ambassadors Enhance Patient Experience at The Medical City

The Medical City’s Customer Service Manager Roxannie C. Alejo (middle) is flanked by the Red Coat Ambassadors after the launch.

What’s in a color?

Red is the color of fire and blood, associated with energy, strength, power, as well as passion, and love. At premier health institution The Medical City (TMC), the color red takes on a new meaning.

Red is a highly visible color that signifies TMC’s goal to exceed expectations in every aspect of patient experience at the hospital.

TMC yesterday launched its Red Coat Ambassador program which encompasses patient experience, physician and employee engagement, and volunteerism. Present during the launch held at The Garden in TMC Main (Pasig) were the first batch of Red Coat ambassadors, TMC Chairman Emeritus Dr. Augusto P. Sarmiento, Chairman Jose Xavier B. Gonzales, President and CEO Dr. Eugenio Jose F. Ramos, TMC managers, doctors, and staff. The “investiture” of the five staff and three volunteers as red coat ambassadors was the highlight of the event.
Dr. Christian Delos Reyes (Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, The Medical City) delivers his Opening Remarks during the launch, highlighting the need to reach out to patients who may be experiencing a crucial time in their lives at that particular moment. 

TMC’s Red Coat ambassadors are specially trained staff and retirees turned volunteers who assist patients and guests with navigation, information, and non-medical care. Their red coats (or blazers) are easily recognizable, and truly helpful in identifying the ambassadors as hospital staff who the patients can go to for assistance. They also pass on comments and suggestions to the hospital’s Customer Relations Department.

While the Red Coat Ambassador Program is a new initiative in the Philippines, it has seen great success in some of the best hospitals in the United States.
The program will soon be replicated in the provincial hospitals of The Medical City – TMC South Luzon, TMC Clark, TMC Pangasinan, and TMC Iloilo.
The Medical City Chairman of the Board Jose Xavier B. Gonzales (back, 4th from right) and TMC President and CEO Dr. Eugenio Jose F. Ramos (back, 5th from left) join the Red Coat Ambassadors and Volunteers during the recent launch. Others in the photos are: (from left) Raymund Brett C. Medel (Group Head, Information Technology Department), Maria Suzanne O. Comagon (Group Head, Human Resources Management), Atty. Martin P. Samson (Chief Operating Officer) (back, partly hidden), Dr. Rafael S. Claudio (Chief Medical Officer) and Dr. Christian Delos Reyes (Chief Marketing and Sales Officer).

The Red Coats are stationed at TMC’s Emergency Department, Billing Section, Ambulatory Service Center, and other diagnostic units. The ambassadors’ outreach goes far beyond a friendly smile or a simple greeting. They offer information to patients and guests, give directions or escort them to their appointments, provide a compassionate and respectful listening ear, or simply being there where and when they are needed most.

“The Red Coat Movement is more than just a customer service project. When you see that red coat, you should be reminded that, hey, there’s another human being ready to connect,” says Dr. Ramos.
“The movement is not limited to employees because we also involve volunteers looking for a purpose. These volunteers are enjoying their grandchildren, enjoying their retirement. Then they remember their happy times at TMC. They are here to find that pleasure and regain their sense of purpose and pride.”
“The Medical City is not just a hospital for sick people. It is also a place where you can be truly happy. It’s going to be a new place for everybody,” adds Dr. Ramos.
The next time you visit The Medical City, look for the red coats.

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