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Veger Powerbank Review

A decade ago, phones were only starting to just get smarter and smaller from their bulky size. Fast forward to today, and smartphones have become thin candy bars. Unfortunately, a sacrifice that must be made from having a slender frame is reducing the size of the battery as well.
Nowadays, you will find it impossible not to see anyone carry a power bank in their person. The importance of such gadget cannot be understated as they are necessary for people who are on their smartphones especially the ones on the go.
I myself am an avid smartphone user and having multiple powerbanks (yes, multiple) is a must. I’ll share with you guys a rundown of three models from Veger, an international battery manufacturer.


The VP-1008 has a battery capacity of 10,000 mah comes with a Micro USB charging cable for Android brands such as Samsung, and a Lightning cable adapter for iPhone users.  However, I advise anyone who will use it to be careful as it can be brittle.
The powerbank boasts an “Intelligent Charging Output” that can detect the model of your smartphone and provide the best charging experience.
Given how popular USB Type C is, Huawei users will be disappointed that it does not come with USB Type C cable. There’s a USB port for people who want to use their own charging cable.
For its size and weight, it only feels heavier than your average smartphone.

VP-1027 PD

The most popular of the bunch, the Veger VP-1027 PD also boasts a 10,000 mah battery capacity. It’s design is very sleek and has a handy feature of being coated with carbon fiber. This lets your hands get an extra grip in the powerbank as well as prevent it from sliding in any smooth surface.
The VP-1027 has two USB ports that supports Quick Charge 3.0, which as the name implies, makes your phone charge faster. What’s more, it also has a port specifically made for USB Type C for those newer phone models such as Huawei smartphones as previously mentioned.
What I like about this powerbank is being able to get at least 2 full recharge (0% to 100%) in one go.


Finally, we get to the smallest of the bunch, the VP-0608 offers 6000 mah battery capacity, 40% less compared to the previous two models.
It has a slot for a USB port and a Micro USB port, so I was disappointed it didn’t come with its own charging cable for USB Type C let alone a lightning cable for iPhone.
I guess they try to market this as a cheaper and smaller variant the size of a puck for smaller bags.

Which is better?

If you really want to get the overall bang for your buck, I would get the VP-1027 PD as it comes with anti-skid technology that prevents it from sliding, as well as the 3 three ports that supports multiple types of chargers. The 10,000 mah battery capacity is a nice touch as well!
On the other hand, if you don’t mind the smaller capacity, then you can opt to buy the VP-0608. Its cute design and portability in terms of size makes it more convenient to have in your bag without being a burden in weight.

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