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Musical Play Review: SINDAK 1941

Panic. Screams. Horror.
The destructive World War II has put fear behind the eyes of Filipinos who lived during the Japanese regime. In that dark era, men were killed; women, raped; and children, tortured. Their music were screams; their lullaby, gunshots. And in the most heartbreaking way, the over one million Filipinos who died to fought for the country, remained unsung.

Despite this struggle, many of these events are concealed in the eyes of Filipinos. All of this endeavors, the brevity and resilience of our countrymen – their dignity and honor – were robed before even achieving it. Many of us had recognized foreign faces to be the heroes of that era, but the true heroes were not written on papers. Let alone this one million Filipinos, who were our guerillas and common people, have been remembered in our times. They are the true warriors, the people who traded their flesh for the future generations.

Because of this, in the 18th anniversary of Philippine Stagers Foundation (PSF), a musical play Sindak 1941 is made. The said play was written and directed by Attorney and Director Vincent “Vince” Tañada, also the head of PSF.

PSF, a guild of talented artists, is a theater foundation that has visions of bringing people and theater arts together. They also focus on young audiences to encompass issues presented in a unique and artistic manner specific to their educational needs. They intentionally connect to schools, even to heads of educational institutions and agencies such as DepEd and CHEd, to incorporated art in developing intellectual and affective impact. Due to this, Sindak 1941 is intended for schools, especially State Universities and Colleges (SUCs).

Music also plays an important part in the play. The story portrays both the colorful and dramatic events during the Japanese occupation. The composition of famous music director Pipo Omallao Cifra is used; choreography, by Carlon Matogato; lights and sounds, directed by Art Gabrentina; set design and props, Jeffrey Ambrocio; and costume, Emy Tañada. In addition, the whole performance is organized by Star Creations Artist Entertainment Production and Star Creation Events.

Last 2014, PSF already performed Sindak 1941. After a careful study, Atty. Tañada decided to stage the play again but with a whole different perspective, new faces of characters, and changes in roles. Atty. Tañada infused his works with both accounts from the history and from his imagination. Because of this, fictional characters and historical names are present in the story. The plot also tries to capture the lives of both the Filipino and the Japanese, the wealthy and the poor. The role of Douglas McArthur was also portrayed.

Mainly, the plot revolves around the story of two Filipinos, Felipe Dimakulangan and his brother Nestor Dimakulangan who have witnessed the various events in their times. Characters will also be introduced to portray the different personalities of people who both built and destroy our countrymen will also be shown. Moreover, it’s relevance to today’s times shall also be observed. This is to awaken the self-sacrificing spirit of the youth and use whatever resources they have to continue that dignity and honor our unsung heroes have hardly fought for.

It’s true, Sindak 1941, as its name suggests, will open us to the brutal truths of the world. Not to be terrified, but to be warriors of our own may it be through social media or outside the cyberspace.

To transform yourself into a hero, be an audience at the musical play to be presented staring from July 11, 2019 until March 2020 all over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. For show buyers and ticket inquiries 0956-659-0335.

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