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Milano, Italy is known as a melting pot for artists. Many of whom have made a name in the global scale. Two of those creative entrepreneurs are Stefano and Valentina Agazzi.

Born in Bergamo, Stefano has the Italian traits of being innovative and business-savvy. His wife and co-founder Valentina, part Italian and Thai, brings an international flavor to the table. The couple’s zest for fashion gave birth to Save My Bag.

 How it began

What was originally designed as a luxe waterproof bag cover to “save” the most precious designer bags in 2013, it has now created its own “it” bag status. There are five big reasons why Save My Bag has become a hit: lightweight, washable, over 40 colors to choose from, cruelty-free, and made in Italy.

The highlight of Save My Bag products is the material used. Made with patented poly-fabric with lycra and low density foam, the bags (and other accessories) are thick but lightweight, even lighter than neoprene. It’s also washable and sun-resistant, making it great bags to bring to any destination. Best of all, it's durable, encouraging sustainability and eco-friendly movements.


Aside from its ultra-light material, their modern designs and striking color combinations can catch anyone’s eye. The brand’s muses are the fashionista rebels who do not let trends dictate them. Instead, it’s the other way around. They make Save My Bag accessories complement their style, going a notch up in style and taking the fashion world by storm.

It’s time to introduce you to Save My Bag’s iconic bags:

Miss is the iconic Save My Bag handbag. Its design is chic and timeless, while its versatile construction is the essence of practicality. It has a unique and worldwide registered design.

Le Sac is a modern yet essential handbag. Le Sac is super lightweight and resistant which makes it perfect for carrying your tablet, laptop, documents, and accessories.

Princess is a handbag that distinguishes itself for the elegance of its shapes. It is designed for glamorous women who love a simple and modern style. Combine it with a strap.

Amanda has a non-conventional geometric design and soft shapes make the handbag perfect to wear with any outfit. It has a zipper closure and a small external pocket.

Madame XLight is identical to the Madame tote bag, but even lighter! It has a zipper closure and a practical external pocket that is perfect for carrying essentials.

Ciao Bella has a rectangular silhouette, the fluorescent colors, the lettering details, and the pop chain are the distinguishing features of the new Bella cross body bag. Bella stands out for its contemporary charm, versatility, and elegance.

New line

Save My Bag also launches a capsule collection for little girls with two bag models inspired from its bestsellers: Bella girl and Miss girl.

Bella girl is from the Bella bag, with two new details like the rounded flat shape with psycho-red-colored interior. Miss girl is the mini version of the iconic Miss. This style can be worn on the shoulder, thanks to the resistant and lightweight resin chain. Both bags come with a handbag-shaped pendant, giving them a glamour touch.

 Extra Touches

A new addition is the Travel Pouch Small where one can store essentials. It also works as a sling bag since it comes with a mini adjustable strap or the resin chain.

Expect classic solid colors like black, which they use as a base to contrast with Beat, Pop Star and Psycho Red neon shades. They also played it up with this collection, using leopard prints and metallic tones of the Luna Silver shade with lamé texture that will make one shine.


In just six years, and from opening its very first shop in their hometown in Bergamo, Save My Bag is now distributed in over 40 countries with 23 flagship stores, and in more than 1,500 selected boutiques all over the globe. This chic accessory brand also signed a two-year co-branding arrangement with Japanese Sanrio label in 2018, so be sure to watch out for this limited edition pieces.

And now, it has finally made its way to Manila, with the very first store in Ayala 30th mall, Pasig. Time to shop and make a stand. A bag revolution is about to happen!

 Save My Bag

Instagram: @savemybag.ph
Location: 3F Activity Center, Ayala 30th Mall, Meralco Ave, Pasig

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