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ROYALE PARC HOTEL TAGAYTAY: Where time stands still

What if it is possible to make time stop for a moment?  In that standstill, one can have more time to relax, to just lie down, and do nothing but reminisce and take in all the tranquility.
There is a new hotel in Tagaytay that promises just that. Though it is impossible to literally stop time, a journey to Royale Parc Hotel Tagaytay is a step into a world that is more serene and peaceful -- it is a step into an experience that calls for guests to just sit awhile and enjoy the lush views surrounding it.
Royal Parc Hotel Pool at Night

Royale Parc Hotel Tagaytay is in an ideal location. Just beside the main highway of Tagaytay, it is accessible not only by private vehicles, but also via public transportation such as the Nasugbu-bound bus from Manila. It makes it easier for families or group of friends to reach the hotel even on their own, as the bus fare is very budget-friendly.  
Royal Parc Hootel Pool

Inside serenity

Stepping inside Royale Parc Hotel Tagaytay, one is immediately transported to a tranquil world, making everyone enter a relaxing state of mind.  The hotel lobby effortlessly merges the warm tones of wood with the fine lines of steel.  There are comfortable seats and sofas to lounge in while one basks under the glow of golden lights and surrounded by the design of an upscale barn-style architecture.  

“We guarantee that guests who will enter Royale Parc Hotel Tagaytay will immediately feel the warmth and hospitality of our place.  It is the start of a journey to tranquility, where time stands still and where the stress of life and work are left behind the door,” said Nilda Diaz Serrano, the hotel’s Corporate General Manager.

Inside comfort

When one is led to the rooms, one can feel that the design statement from the lobby emanates all over the place. More design elements – which are made from wood and metal – are complemented with decorative accessories that remind one of home.  
Before one reaches the rooms and the recreation area, one will see an actual pine tree thriving in the middle of the concrete corner in one of the hotel’s area. Aside from being an Instagram-worthy backdrop for a photo or selfie, the pine tree exudes the ultimate Tagaytay vibe and also relays to guests the hotel’s commitment to green practices and sustainability.
Royale Parc Hotel Tagaytay currently has 44 well-appointed rooms. Each one is unique since no two rooms have the same design.  
The rooms are a treat in itself.  Again, the design statement of the hotel permeates to the room as wood and steel elements are still present.  The use of recycled designs in the rooms underscores the sustainability commitment of the hotel during its construction.  
The highlights of the rooms are the high ceiling and the sliding door of the bathroom. Rooms also have a balcony with a view of the pool area and outdoor Jacuzzi.  Mornings feel cozier when one parts the curtain and lets the sunshine in; while in the evening, the balcony area can be used as a place to have snacks and conversations with loved ones.
“We are very delighted and proud to present the rooms to our guests.  We guarantee not only a peaceful stay but also a very restful experience for the entire family. The rooms are spacious and modern yet there are design elements that make it warm and cozy,” said Nilda.
In the morning, guests are treated to a serene view highlighted by a pool in the middle which can accommodate more than a hundred people. Kids can frolic in the pool while the adults can relax at the lounge chairs nearby.  One can also sit around and bask under the Tagaytay sun which is made more bearable with the cool Tagaytay weather.
For food cravings, one does not need to go far. The hotel has an in-house Filipino restaurant called Dekada which is from the group behind SumoSam.  Dekada specializes in presenting heirloom recipes served with ‘history’ – each dish has a story and it harks back to tales of our heroes’ conquest and bravery.  Since this branch will be in Tagaytay, expect dishes that are freshly made and created with a highland twist.  
And for events or any occasions celebrating life’s milestones, Royale Parc Hotel Tagaytay is ready to welcome a group of 20 to as large as 250 persons. The hotel has four function rooms and one main ballroom that can fit any corporate, government, association and social events.  The ballroom, situated on the third floor, also offers panoramic views of the Taal Lake, making it the perfect backdrop for any occasion whether day or night.

Inside excellence

What makes Royale Parc Hotel Tagaytay experience more heartfelt and memorable is the management and team behind it.  
From the start, the owner envisioned the hotel to be a premium vacation getaway, similar to the original hotel structure that stood there decades ago. Since it is an old property, it has retained a bit of nostalgia and the owner remembered it for its sentimental value. Upon purchasing the old structure, the owner refurbished the old hotel and expanded it in the same location, thus the new Royale Parc Hotel Tagaytay was born.  
Rebuilding the new hotel was not an easy task as construction started in June of 2016. The owner only relied on the best-of-the-best in the industry for its construction and design.  The engineering team was led by Engr. Rick Gumabay, while on the design aspect, it was Arch. Robert Ramos who took the lead. Both understood the value of merging the nostalgic elements of the old structure and the functionality for today's modern travelers. 

As for the personal touch and service excellence, it was now on the hands of Corporate General Manager Nilda Diaz Serrano, a seasoned hotelier whose stint all over the world is marked by passion and dedication.  She has over 25 years of experience in hotels and resorts located in major cities in the Philippines and China. She brings to Tagaytay a wealth of experience and the touch of success.
The team she has created for Royale Parc Hotel Tagaytay is trained and ready to serve guests any time of the day. The team elevates guests’ experience of Tagaytay by serving them with a smile and recommending to them activities that they may do within the vicinity of the hotel.
“If you want a new – and ultimate comfort – experience in Tagaytay, you do not have to spend too much for a stay at Royale Parc Hotel. Soon, we will have promos and packages to make your vacation less stressful.  We guarantee not only a good time but also one that will change your view of Tagaytay to keep you wanting to come back, again and again,” concluded Nilda.
For inquiries or reservations, call 0923-0889055/ (02) 984-1297 / (046) 402-1980 or email: sales.royaleparctagaytay@gmail.com or visit Facebook: Royale Parc Hotel Tagaytay. Vist the hotel now at Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Junction West, Tagaytay City.  

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