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Falafel Yo Opens ON Jan 4 at Uptown Mall

what we need to know about Falafel 
1. The origins of this vegetarian dish is unknown but it is popular amongst the vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. 

2. It became  a dish that most people in Egypt used for lenten. It was a popular option then.
2.  Despite all being called falafel. Each city or country added their own version into it. In Israel for instance they use chickpeas instead of Fava beans. In Syria, they use foul beans. 

3.Falafel came from the word Pilpal which means a small round thing-- a perfect description for this dish. 

4. Falafel was known for being really cheap and meatless therefore it was used during the 1950s economic depression. It even became the national dish for Israelis 

5. How awesome is it that Philippine Independence Day and the International Falafel Day are both celebrated on June 12
We are now having a strong influence of Israel food in Manila and this is a way for the founding family to share some of their culture to Filipinos. We Filipinos are fond of bread and easy to eat on the go things and this falls right into that category. 

6. Falafel Yo will open to public this January 4, Saturday, at the Uptown Mall in BGC, and we will give free falafel the whole day to anyone who passes by!

Visit Falafel Yo I'm sure you'll have time for this despite your busy schedule because it's easy to eat on the go. 

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