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There are things about summer that make people giddy—the beach, road trips, and sunshine-filled vacations.  So get those summer dresses, swimwear and your body and skin ready.
Miss Esthe Facial Salon and Skin Care can help you prepare for the hot summer months through treatments designed to reveal your head-to-toe supple and smooth skin.

The process begins with a skin analysis system, a signature service at Miss Esthe where your skin age is examined from various perspectives. A detailed examination of spot age (age of the skin based on the appearance of age spots), wrinkle age (age of skin based on the appearance of wrinkles), and skin texture age (age of the skin based on its texture) will accurately disclose your skin age and the right treatment that should be applied to it.
Removing dead skin cells and other impurities is another vital element of skin care which is one of Miss Esthe’s specializations. By using the cutting-edge Neo Energy EX facial machine, clients are guaranteed a safe and non-invasive route to radiant, firm and more younger-looking skin. Neo Energy EX’s D Sonic’s vibration generated by the ‘probe’ helps clean the skin. The probe functions like a scrubber that removes unwanted materials.
How can you take all those fabulous travel photos if you have acne? Avail of the Acne Treatment that uses sonic with its capability to generating one million micro vibrations per second, improving the skin’s elasticity and decolette massage to decongest the lymph nodes and improve lymph flow. This process removes toxic waste products from the face, and aids in the healing of acne.
You can also try the Poreless Treatment and Anti-Aging, Glass, Instantlift, Sensitive and  Whitening facials.
Visit Miss Esthe Facial salon and Skin Care at the 2nd Floor of Uptown Mall, Fort Bonifacio, call +63 935 336 4720 to make a reservation, or visit its website at www.missesthe.ph.

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